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Does the wagon move forward? Do we put these words on paper ourselves or do we wait for the plan to form? These questions are one the biggest hindrances in any writer’s life.

For every writer who hasn’t written, there is one thing that sets our hearts beating at that crazy pace. Yes. You thought right. It is something we all personally specialize in.

It is the beginning.

We all pick up that pen in different ways. For some it begins with an idea while watching some strangers play at a park. For others, it begins with words, the smell of ink and paper or the sound of keyboard. In every
case, a beginning is just that.

Does the wagon move forward? Do we put these words on paper ourselves or do we wait for the plan to form?

These questions are one the biggest hindrances in any writer’s life.

Now since you are here on this blog, willing to take advice from a highly awkward individual, I shall willingly give you some.

Be warned, though. I do not promise it will work, If you find yourself in a dark abyss questioning the meaning of life, you may turn to me again and dig a deeper hole. So here goes nothing…

Advice 1: Be patient…

Patience is the key to survival in the world off writing. If you do not have the patience enough to wait for the best ideas or at least your best plotline, you will not enjoy the outcome.

Instead what you do will seem rushed and loaded with things that were completely unnecessary in the first place. You may have a wonderful idea, but the creation of the concept takes time. You may have beautiful words, but tying them together in a way to give it a purpose also takes time.

Either way you must be patient for the tale to find you.

However, we all know that we cannot hold on forever. That brings me to the second point.

Advice 2: …But don’t wait!

Waiting for the tale to come to you is all well and good, but when it comes to the big story, not writing anything at all can be as damaging as writing random nonsense. In this case the best thing you can do for yourself is to write anything and everything that comes to your mind in a rough space that you’ve created for yourself.

For instance, if you have an idea right now, you can jot that down in Notepad or scribble it down on the nearest piece of paper beside you. Keep jotting down the little things you notice around you, like a strange bird that didn’t fly away (yes I experienced that, till I found out it was ready to poop on me) or that one person you’ve barely known or talked to who has suddenly become popular (don’t even ask!)

Jot all these experiences down and if possible, maintain a diary about the external world (by which I mean don’t keep ranting about the deep dark hole that is your purposeless life- which I generally do all the time so… well *coughs*).

Look out for what the world has to offer, which brings me to my next point.

Advice 3: Experience something new

This generally even works for those who have writer’s block. So yes. I mean it. Step out of those cozy blankets and go do something different, meet someone new, visit a strange location.

It is experiencing the new which triggers the best ideas (well at least it does for me… sometimes. Else I’m just vastly uncomfortable and my diary receives pages of rants about how my life sucks).


So take these little tips and tricks and I hope you find your story (and I hope I find mine too!) And here, I’m going to awkwardly end by bidding adieu and wishing we meet again.

Buh bye!